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Shared Service Centres and the Role of Finance Function: Advancing the Iron Cage?

Authors: Will Seal and Ian Herbert

About: The purpose of this paper is: to explore the concept of finance shared service centres (SSCs) through an interpretive case study based on a structuration in organisational fields framework; to explore the implications for the finance function, in terms of how finance both drives change within the multi-divisional organisation and also is affected by change; and to interpret the SSC phenomenon in the light of the Iron Cage analogy.

Published: Journal of Organisation and Accounting Change (2013)

Type: Research Paper

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Routledge Companion to Contemporary Cost Management – Cost Management and the Provision of Support Services in Large Organisations (Book Chapter – 13)

Author: Ian Herbert and Will Seal

About: Ian Herbert and Will Seal explore cost management and the provision of support services in large organisations – for a chapter of this Routledge Companion publication.

Published: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group

Type: Book Chapter

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Review of Management Accounting Research – Organisational Change and the Transformation of the Finance Function (Book Chapter – Part 1)

Authors: Ian Herbert and Will Seal

About: Ian Herbert and Will Seal investigate the organisational change and how the finance function is being transformed – in a chapter of this Review of Management Accounting Research text.

Published: Palgrave Macmillan

Type: Book Chapter

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Leading the Charge

Authors: Ian Herbert and Andrew Rothwell

About: Faced with huge demands for cheaper and more efficient support services, the Ministry of Defence is undergoing a groundbreaking transformation programme. FM discovers that finance is at the forefront of the charge.

Published: Financial Management Magazine, (February 2013)

Type: Magazine Article

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Powering the Knowledge-Based Economy: Global Goals, Local Logic

Authors: Ian Herbert and Keshav Pratap

About: According to IMF predictions, by 2030, 56 % of global GDP growth is expected to come from the emerging markets. Kellie Goldstein, CFO, global emerging markets, Thomson Reuters markets division, talks to Ian Herbert and Keshav Champawat of the Loughborough University Business School about why the key to success in emerging markets is balancing global and local dimensions – and matching talent with opportunity.

Published: Finance Director Europe Online Magazine (July, 2012)

Type: Online Magazine Article

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Human Capital and the Martini Workers: Issues for Business Sustainability

Authors: Ian Herbert and Andrew Rothwell

About: Is it really possible that the highly skilled work of today’s accounting and finance professionals can be done any time, any place, anywhere? The short-term business benefits are clear, but academics Andrew Rothwell and Ian Herbert explore whether the model has longer-term flaws.

Published: Excellence in Leadership, CIMA, Issue 2, pp. 34-35

Type: Journal Article

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