PhD Projects


PhD projects contribute a wealth of knowledge and empirical input towards our research.  We currently have two PhD students within the school who are working closely with organisations to further develop our knowledge on Shared Service Centres…

Current Projects:

Why PhD Students are Important to Our Work?

The award of ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ takes roughly 3 years to achieve (full time, or 5 years part time) and allows the student to make a new and original contribution to knowledge.

Over this time a PhD researcher will be able to fully immerse them selves within their field of choice and ultimately become an expert in their area.  The process is intense but the rewards and benefits are many.

In terms of the Shared Service Centre (SSC) project our PhD students are working on new and upcoming areas of interest surrounding the SSC.  They are able to present and attend both academic and practical conferences here in the UK and abroad.  This gives the SSC research team a unique way to network and spread awareness about our work.

Finally, having PhD students as key members of our team means that we have formed a supportive and enthusiastic environment to work within.

Who’s Who?

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The School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University offer a number of competitive studentships each academic year for undertaking a PhD research project.  In addition to this the Shared Services Research project offers prospective students a dynamic and exciting subject to study with strong links to industry.

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Any further questions can be directed to Tracey Preston at