The Adventures of Bill and his Spreadsheets

The research team have recently been investigating the issue of spreadsheets as we know it is a growing issue amongst many of you. Our findings beg the question “Are they as efficitent as they are generally accepted to be or do they need to be re-evaluated?” Follow Bill’s spreadsheet adventure below to learn more…

”Sunny Yip, Director of Operations for Delicious Products – Europe, has asked to see the CFO, Bill Davis. Sunny gets straight to the point and explains the issue that he’s had with one of Bill’s top accountants.

‘Two weeks ago I asked our business partner, Freda Pickles, to have a look at the cost of staff time and traveling that we are incurring in servicing one of our more troublesome customers, Bigfood. All I wanted to know was this: Should I lean on them for causing unnecessary costs (or at least an unfair share of our sales liaison budget) by constantly demanding that our sales people and our design team attend what are effectively their internal planning meetings?’                        

What I got, three weeks later, was a spreadsheet comprises of eight  different work sheets one of which had a graph comparing the total cost by month of car versus rail travel and a recommendation that our staff should use public transport whenever possible. WHATT??!”

Through the adventures of Bill, our hero that’s just trying to get to grips with the output of his spreadsheets while pleasing his boss, we take our readers through some of the main issues that have been affected practioners most on this subject, in a hopefully humerous way! These articles will hopefully appeaer in an accounting publication soon, but in case they don’t, you can read them by clicking on the links below.

The Adventures of Bill – Acts 1 and 2

The Adventures of Bill – Act 3

The Adventures of Bill – Act 4