17th CIMA-Loughborough Shared Services Forum – 26 September 2013, Balfour Beatty WorkSmart, Newcastle

1320423623_BalfourBeattyWorkSmartWe are delighted to announce that the 17th CIMA-Loughborough Shared Services Forum will be held on the 26th September 2013 at Balfour Beatty WorkSmart in Newcastle. The theme for the event is “Information systems, in the cloud, on the ground and at home?”. The forum will act as a perfect platform for discussions around subjects such as ‘SSCs and the cloud’, ‘intelligent data processing’ and ‘the automation of manual activities’ amongst others.

The main aim is to take on many of the requests we have had for topics around the application of IT systems in service centres and the need to make more intelligent use of information. This is one for the techies but it will also appeal to senior managers responsible for SSC data systems and security.


For more information please see the 17th CIMA-Loughborough Shared Services Forum agenda.

For any enquiries or to register your place at the event please contact Simon Pond at ssc-research-team@lboro.ac.uk or S.C.N.Pond@lboro.ac.uk.

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