Our Publications

Book - BoykungThe work of the research team has generated a number of publications which are relevant to both practitioners and academics.  These publications range from presentations at conferences to articles in professional body literature.

To reflect the different paths that our research has taken, the team’s publications have been divided into five main topics:


Shared Services

  • From an introduction into the Shared Service Centre (SSC) research, to discussing the organisational benefits that can be achieved through its implementation
  • Analysis of individual aspects of a SSC and discussion into the ultimate roles they play in an organisation.


  • How the implementation of a SSC can affect the role of the finance function in organisations
  • Delves into the relationship between professionals and their spreadsheets; exploring the affects that they can have on an organisation’s finances.


  • The implications that SSCs can have on management accounting
  • Investigates the new potential for structuration in evolutionary theories of management accounting.The SSC Journey

Professional Development

  • Looks at what professional status and behaviour means in the context of business support services
  • Explores various case studies that present and examine material relating to careers and employability within the shared service centre.


  • Explores the pros and cons of spreadsheet usage in practice
  • Asks why large organisations have so much reliance on a single data analysis method.