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Spreadsheets Under the Spotlight – Management Science or Black Art?

Authors: Ian Herbert, Glynn Lowth and Eliot Buckner

About: Ian Herbert, Deputy Director for the Centre for Global Sourcing and Services, Glynn Lowth, Visiting Fellow and Eliot Buckner, Management Sciences student of Loughborough University, explore the inherent risks in spreadsheet usage today, for the Autumn 2013 edition of the Management Services Journal. The article tackles some infamous issues with spreadsheets, the main change drivers for them and best practices in training, control and improved information systems.

Published: Management Services Journal (Autumn 2013)

Type: Journal Article

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Spreadsheets Under the Spotlight Again

Authors: Ian Herbert

About: A new emphasis on governance, risk and control (GRC) suggests that when spreadsheets become the de facto information system across the organisation then the production of key decision making and control information becomes fragmented and potentially unreliable as Ian Herbert FSN writer and Senior Lecturer in Management Accounting at the School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University finds out.

Published: Financial Systems News (February, 2013)

Type: Practitioner Article

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