Earn to Learn



Research by the Global Sourcing Research Interest Group at Loughborough University has found that the deskilling and offshoring of middle-office work has three potential impacts on the UK economy:


  1. The hollowing out of professional jobs creates an hourglass-shaped economy with a mid-career bottleneck for individual workers;
  2. A skills/experience gap as entry-level training roles are moved offshore and away from the main business, preventing onshore individuals from getting a foot on the career ladder (Data from the Association of Graduate Recruiters indicate that graduate recruitment to top organisations fell 8% in 2016).
  3. Work is offshored for lack of a compelling reason to leave it in the UK


The Earn-to-Learn project aims to encourage business process centres to employ young people on a part-time basis during their degree programmes so that they might graduate with much lower student debt and have valuable work-experience.

The main benefits are:

  • Provide for the progressive development and practice of relevant professional skills.
  • Enable students to graduate with lower debt, especially if linked to graduate apprenticeships.
  • Widen participation in Higher Education
  • Help organisations to justify locating work in the UK.


The Professional Talent Pipeline: Crisis, what crisis?
By Ian Herbert